VR Gun Game Controller Compatible with HTC VIVE,Virtual Reality VR Headset Device for FPS Shooting Game Gun Joysticker Gamepad in VIVE Controller

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New gun-shaped Vive Controller with recoil, giving you fully immersive VR shooting.
The BENEVE WEAPON VIVE CONTROLLER is the very first gun-shaped VIVE Tracker integration constructed for VR shooting enthusiasts. The mix of Gun and Tracker can carry out the same operations as the basic VIVE controller, and enable a more realistic shooting experience.
The playing experience of VR FPS games with Vive basic controllers is decidedly eclipsed by the BENEVE GUN Vive controller, since controllers in your hands are not comparable with genuine weapons, whereas this gun has been specifically built  for VR shooters – using the HTC VIVE Tracker via Bluetooth 4.0  – and comes endorsed  by HTC VIVE. Ten function keys plus joystick with five buttons, provide 15 game-functions. Battery pack resembles a rifle magazine clip, adding to the realistic feel of the gun.

This BENEVE WEAPON is also known as the Perfect Power (or PP) Gun.

Some Compatible Video Games:
OVERKILL VR, Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data, Raw Data,The Last Sniper VR, Fast Action Hero, ZombieTown VR, DWVR, Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Dead Effect 2 VR, Containment Initiative, Trigger Happy Shooting, Gotham Gangsta, Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot VR , The Path of Greatest Resistance, Robot Incursion, Bullets And More VR, Fovos VR, Zombie Kill, Unruly Ghouls, Armed Against the Undead

Mode: Mobile Video Game Edition
Main Use: Input Device – Video game controller- Mobile FPS Video Game Controller
Connection: Wireless (Bluetooth 4.0)
Battery life: Over 8h (screening environment: 25 ° C/77 ° F)
Length of the gun: 680 mm/ 27″
Weight of the weapon: 1.3 Kg/ 4 lb
Size: 26.8 x 3.9 x 12.6 ”

Bundle Comprises:
Clip (Battery )
Pad Holder
Gun Strap
Charging Cable (TV)

Beneve VR Gun Game Controller - Review
The Good
  • Robust Realistic Solid Feel Similar to a Real Rifle
  • Weighs 4 lb and 27" long
  • Battery is Rifle Clip, can also power the integrated VIVE Tracker
  • Excellent Recoil Feedback Action
  • Improves Gaming Shooting Experience
  • Wireless connection
The Bad
  • 8 Hours to fully charge battery (but then it lasts 120 mins)
  • Can become heavy for a smaller person to hold
  • Rifle Stock may be considered a little short by taller players
  • Gun-shaped HTC Vive Virtual Reality Gun Controller featuring recoil, giving the most real VR shooting immersion.
  • VIVE Tracker built-in integration for VR shooters using HTC Vive Virtual Reality System.
  • Connect with HTC VIVE Tracker via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 10 function keys plus joystick with 5 buttons, allowing 15 game functions.
  • Battery pack rifle magazine clip; capacity 7800mAh Li-Ion.

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