Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals Bundle for Xbox One and PC

Price: $1,299.95
(as of 09/20/2018 11:53 UTC - Details)
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The ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport has become established as the provider of a genuine auto racing experience with countless modification possibilities.


This premium racing wheel measures up to the top-quality performance-efficiency criteria of the ClubSport collection and is totally suited to Xbox systems.


The steering wheel includes the ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox as well as the ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport game. You’ll delight in the modular options of the Hub with its realistic look and feel.

Flexible Button Components

Either utilize the incorporated buttons on the Hub Center or set extra buttons any place on the hub you desire. The 7-function FunkySwitch can also handle navigation. And you’re pretty much unrestricted when it comes to customizing your button options and where you want them positioned.

Unrestricted Customization

YOU decide exactly how you create your wheel with location and choice of control buttons as you want.

Free Selection of Shifters

Utilize the fixed shifter paddles on the base system, smaller paddle add-ons or larger flexible shifter paddles – or no paddles.

Genuine Quality Product

The real-leather covered steering rim featuring white stitching has a 33 cm diameter – like a genuine racing car – and is in brushed anodized aluminum.

The ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 is a masterful example of German Engineering, setting new criteria for performance-reliability. The ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 evolved from the exceptionally successful V2; a new more durable motor and improved electronics make for improved functionality and real-life immersion.

DirectSensor technology Twin sensors on the steering axis and motor provide direct real time and full on real life feedback.

Belt drive Dual belts on the tough and powerful belt drive with multiple V-ribs and big ball-bearings give a direct drive wheel experience without belt or drag slippage.

Brushless motor The brushless servo motor powerfully delivers smooth and immediate acceleration without dead spots.

Heavy-duty materials This V2.5 Wheel Base  is manufactured from CNC machined-aluminum parts in a magnificent brush-anodized finish.

Racing speed with ClubSport Pedals v3’s amazing pedals

As part of an all- new 90 Kg custom-made really strong load cell, these true-to-life full metal construction pedals give you acceleration, brake and muscle tension like being in a genuine racing car. Contactless 12 bit magnetic hall sensors on the gas and clutch pedals have improved the former V2 pedals fourfold. Plenty of adjustment personalized to your ergonomical and racing style preferences. No tools needed to adjust your brake pedal angle, travel and stiffness on the new D-shape pedal. Compatible on all gaming platforms, the new gas pedal sensor-operated vibrating motor will warn if your racecar is losing grip and you should reduce power, while a 2nd motor on the brake pedal might indicate if you brake too hard and the tires lock.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals Bundle Review
The Good
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Can be used on Xbox One and PS4 Pro (with $80 adapter) for Forza 7, Horizon 3,GT Sport, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, WRC 7, and Project Cars 2
  • Smooth with great force feedback
  • Best pedal set out there
  • Incredibly realistic immersive VR experience
The Bad
  • High price
  • Settings have to be changed for every game


  • The approved Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel features luxurious and authentic components with the same dimensions as in an actual racing car
  • The wheel comprises brushed-anodized Aluminum and is covered in pure smooth leather with white stitches
  • Absolutely nothing helps make you speedier than really good pedals - like those included The ClubSport Pedals v3!
  • The ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 is a showpiece of Germaneering ® which establishes new benchmarks for quality, performance and dependability
  • Modify the racing wheel in few seconds with our tried and tested auto-grade swift release procedure - even in the course of a game

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