How to Find the Ideal Coffee Machine

The Perfect Coffee Maker for Every Coffee Fan

Hopefully you have a cup of coffee to sip and savour while reading this article. Coffee machines are nowadays ubiquitous in homes, dormitories and workplaces of coffee drinkers around the world. Various kinds of coffee makers abound. Compact, Standard and Large Size. Made to be utilized in many differing locations, there are even coffee machines designed for recreational vehicles, eighteen-wheelers or when you go outdoor-camping.

The coffee makers in the marketplace today have specific functions and come in a huge range of finish, colors, sizes, functions and cost. Some are fully automated while others require more hands-on action. Italian espresso coffee machines, French coffee makers, vacuum-type, ceramic grinders, countertop, drip machines and the pod are all buzzwords familiar to actual and upcoming baristas. These devices make either cold or hot brew coffee. More recent coffee machines combine a ceramic or steel mill – to freshly grind coffee beans for maximum aroma and taste – with coffee and milk froth/foam-making abilities, and most are automated. Manufacturers such as De’Longhi, Jura, Sunbeam, Saeco, Breville and Senseo coffee machines are well known across the western world. Colors of coffee maker machines range from black, silver or red, to virtually any color you might wish to match your kitchen or dining area color scheme. They also come in stainless-steel, aluminium and/or PVC, the majority featuring a shatter-proof glass coffee pot or carafe as part of the package.

Coffee makers come in different sizes with varying capacities, from single cup to industrial and commercial coffee machines in factories and workplaces making over 20 cups at a time. The system permutations available include frothing, electrical timers, programmable thermostatic settings, warming plates and intelligent filters. Of course, the pricing varies greatly, depending on the simplicity or levels of performance and sophistication required.

When it comes to making a proper espresso with its exacting aroma, taste and feel, you should choose the very best espresso coffee maker you can. Espresso needs to be brewed at a constant temperature and at the right pressure, usually considered to be 9 Bar. The machine must produce near-boiling (but not actually boiling) water at a consistent temperature, allow for cup warming, easy cleaning and access to its constituent parts, and be simple to operate. Options include a Single or Double Espresso Machine, with the double comprising two singles made at once. Steam angles are important and steam nozzles come in 3-hole or 4-hole options, with the latter giving more steam, and a lever preferred by most coffee aficionados over a dial. Then the grinder; this needs to produce consistent results, be quiet and cool in operation and allow easy adjustment for courser or finer grounds.

Naturally, the starting point is our budget. It is then an independent review website such as becomes relevant, enabling us to compare products and prices for what we get. Our personal preferences will enter the mix; for example, if a cappuccino rather than espresso lover. Other essential points of reference include functions required, automation and features felt will produce the perfect cup of coffee for you, even if that’s just a beautiful filter coffee to kickstart your day.

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