Many Years since You went Camping? Want to Get Started?

If you’ve never ever been camping in the past, or last did so many years ago, you might battle on how to start. Where and for how long would you choose to go outdoor camping? Set on having your own camping gear or would you rather hire what you need?

The above are relevant aspects to any new or insufficiently experienced camper. Others may include type of campsite, what camping equipment you use, food planning, suitable outdoor clothing, down to such items as taking along firelighters and charcoal, sleeping bags and flashlights. Don’t forget your first aid kit and sunscreen cream. Films portraying camping scenes may have created certain romantic expectations which you seek to replicate for your own camping experiences. Convert that outdoor camping dream into something real for yourself and hopefully your friends and family. Many happy campers will pitch a tent; others will even forego a tent, choosing instead to “pitch” their hammock between two trees and enjoy the night sky; yet others will at the very least insist on a caravan, RV or motorhome, utilities including electricity, running water and ablution facilities. Most modern camping sites nowadays provide such facilities as standard. For a more natural and unique outdoors experience some will favor and savor fresh stream water and even consume wild vegetation and roots. No one’s personal idea of camping is wrong and it is up to each of us to provide our own interpretation of the ideal camping adventure.

The first rule is to follow your own camping needs and wants. This is how you will achieve a positive and enjoyable camping experience. Maybe your first few camping trips won’t include roughing it without running water or digging up plant bulbs to eat a wild outdoor meal. Some might use camping as a means to get away from fast foods, candy and other fattening treats they consume at home. Irrespective, you will nonetheless step outside your comfort zone when you go camping and, as the old saying goes, “A change is as good as a vacation”. Over 30 million Americans who go camping every year can’t be wrong.

Take that initial step to creating your personal camping escapades, as they began in your own mind!

Second rule, like all expectations in life, realize that not everything will go as planned and without hitches, particularly on your first endeavor.

After all you will be using camping utilities and equipment that are most likely foreign to you. Cut yourself some slack so your camping exploits can roll out in a fun and enjoyable manner. It’s really all about the happy memories you will create and recall in detail for years to come. Take along your binoculars. Unpolluted fresh country air, the exceptional clarity of the moon and stars at night, basking in sunshine (especially in these days of Vitamin D deficiencies), birds chirping in their natural habitat, seeing the odd deer or rabbit, peace, serenity and the sheer spiritual beauty of Mother Nature; these are all things which our memories somehow more easily retain. Communing with nature restores the soul, away from all the interruptions of our modern-tech lives. Exercise in fun ways, swimming, walking, fishing, water-skiing. Camping is a proven way to lower your blood pressure and aid digestion, while boosting your immune system. Melatonin levels are also raised by the glow of firelight, improving sleep. Better sleep, less stress and tensions. Away from work pressures, you’re able to better socialize with your partner, spouse, kids, family and friends; socializing has been shown to extend our life expectancy and hold off memory loss in older folks.

Some families have proud traditions of holiday, spring-break, summer and family reunion camping excursions. There’s no better way to bond with family. Enthusiastic young children and pets arguably make the most fun camping companions in the world. You may be certain your kids will be genuinely eager to help plan a camping trip, then keenly look forward to it with much anticipation. It’s great to involve them too. Imagine what any youngster can discover while camping. If you went camping in your own youth you need no convincing on this point. Young people easily adapt to different conditions so don’t pass up the chance to camp with your younger family members.

Third rule to indelibly stamp on younger campers: don’t litter. Leave your campsite as you would wish to find it.

Finally, make your first few camping trips carefree and simple and you’ll love them. You may even find yourself beginning new family traditions that include numerous terrific camping adventures!

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  • Jennifer Holshoy says:

    Thanks for an interesting read on camping. We’re planning a trip with our kids in the Spring.

  • Mei says:

    Thanks, loved reading this.

  • Norbert Wirtz says:

    Camping ist ein sehr wichtiger Teil unseres Lebens und meine Frau und ich haben die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, die sich uns boten in vielen Ländern genutzt und in der frühen Zeit unserer Ehe mit kleinem Zweimannzelt, dann größeren Zelten und schließlich mit großen Wohnmobilen die freie Zeit in natürlicher Umgebung genossen. Eine entsprechende Vorbereitung und Planung ist äusserst wichtig und erspart im voraus so manche negative Überraschung oder Enttäuschungen.

  • Edward Wu says:

    Enjoyable reading. Thanks!

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